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Hello! If you offer Transformers-related commission and you want :iconautobotcity: to advertise you, comment on this journal!
In your comment please include:

:bulletpink: your dA username:
:bulletpink: commission starting from price:
:bulletpink: a link with more information:
:bulletpink: 2 image examples:
provide :thumb: codes (optional)

:bulletpink: Bluetabbycat 
:bulletpink: commission starting from price:
:bulletpink: Opening commissions for small marker portraitsHi all! I've recently done some small (roughly 10cm/4" square) portraits of my friends' and my own OCs in fine liner/marker pen/pencils, and found that I really enjoyed the process. So, I've been thinking for a while about opening commissions of some sort and thought that small character portraits like these would be good to do, since I can finish them fairly quickly.
For now I'd like to keep the commissions limited to just Transformers characters (robots) and furry characters. I'm happy to draw cannon characters as well as OCs. This may change later to different character types - human/humanoid characters, after I've experimented more with this technique. And brushed up on my people drawing skills! Sweating a little...
Here's the sort of thing I'm talking about.

:bulletpink: 2 image examples:

TF commissions ad by Bluetabbycat

Bullet; Pink ERA-7
Bullet; Pink commissions starting from 10$
Bullet; Pink  PRICE-LIST - NEW CATEGORY ADDED!:new: New Prices are here:

Basic prices 2017:

~ Icons, avatars - from 10$
~ Sketches (+color) - from 50$ - (+ from 50$   for additional characters) - include background:

~ Headshots -  from 100$ (+ from 50$  for additional characters) - include background:
~ Speedpaints - from 150$ (+ from 50$  for additional characters) - include background:

Bullet; Pink  TFAOE: Ratchet's Revenge by ERA-7 TFP: Stolen Allspark by ERA-7

Bullet; Pink ERA-7S
Bullet; Pink commissions starting from 10$
Here is our new summer prices!
~ Avatars, icons - from 10$
~ Chibi style - from 30$
~ Colored Headshot Sketches - from 20$(+10$ for additional human characters; +from 20$ for additional robot characters) - include background
:new:~ Colored Sketch-Design - from 15$

~ Colored Sketches - from 50$

~ Headshots - from 90$(+50$ for additional human characters; +90$ for additional robot characters) - include background:

Bullet; Pink   TFP: Take It Easy My Friend... I'm here by ERA-7S    SUMMER TIME! by ERA-7S

:bulletpink: CandyChameleon
:bulletpink: commission starting from $5
:bulletpink: 2 image examples:
Perfect Percy by CandyChameleon  Cygate by CandyChameleon
Bullet; Pink Ahrrr 
Bullet; Pink commission starting from price: $20
Bullet; Pink details and prices are here
Bullet; Pink examples are here
Bullet; Pinkpika
Bullet; PinkStarting price: 12€

Bullet; Pink Transformers Commissions open!I'm OPEN for commissions.
:bulletpurple: Prices are negotiated per client, and here's a few examples:
12€+~ sketch portraits

everything between €~


Link to commission gallery:
DOs and DON'Ts
:bulletblue: I can do canon characters
:bulletblue: I can do fan characters
:bulletblue: I can do chibis
:bulletblue: I can do redesigns
:bulletblue: I can do pairings
:bulletblue: I can do nsfw (depends, send a note and ask!)
:new: :bulletwhite: My Transformers fan characters are available for commissions. Imagine it to be like a photoshoot where my characters are hired to act and pose according to script. ;) My fan characters: http://pika.devi

Bullet; Pink Mechtrix by pika You simply cannot do that! by pika
:bulletpink: BlueStripedRenulian
:bulletpink: Starting from $14 for a full coloured and shaded half body. 
:bulletpink:More info:  Commission info by BlueStripedRenulian
:bulletpink:Examples: bluestripedrenulian.deviantart…

Commissions from $5
More info: Here
Transformers - 'CW' Ruination by synth-brave Windblade/Chromia Fusion (two-tone version) by synth-brave

Commissions from £10
More info 

Mtmte Print 2 by Demonology7789 Swerve and Cygate by Demonology7789

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